Collection: Some of our Favourites


Discover our range of stylish Dog Lead Hangers and custom Name Tags for your furry friend on our website!

Our collection features a range of lead hangers in various designs to keep your space neat, add a touch of charm, and keep your dog's lead easy to reach as you head out the door for a walk or run. Made from mild steel and powder coated for elegance and endurability.

Personalize your Pet's ID Tag from our range of stainless steel tags, available in different shapes and sizes. Our durable, laser-engraved tags ensure your contact information is always easily visible, providing peace of mind.

At Pet Park, we blend style and functionality in our pet accessories. Shop confidently for high-quality products designed to meet both your and your pet's needs.

Explore our Dog Lead Hangers and Pet's Name ID Tag Collection to enhance your home decor while keeping your furry friend safe and stylish.